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Do you need to write a business plan for a new or existing business?

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The Guide for Writing A Business Plan will guide you through the process of writing a comprhensive Business Plan for your business - -
Quickly!   Easily!   Cost Effectively!

Writing a business plan, loan proposal, or Private Placement Offering Memorandum can be a very time consuming and extremely difficult task. However, using a model that has proven successful will keep you focused on the important critical steps that will shorten the time it takes to complete your business plan. The How to Write A Business Plan Guide will steer you in the right direction, keep you focused, and will help you make important strategic decisions that result in a more comprehensive business plan.

Important Note: Without exception, every one of the clients I counseled who had a business that was not succeeding or was experiencing some level of financial or marketing difficulty had either not written a detailed business plan or had never constructed a Cash Flow Statement that was founded on good market research and a conservative sales forecast. Doing a thorough job on these two critical components could have prevented many of the very costly operational or business start-up mistakes that typically occur. Importantly, problems should be identified and corrected during the business planning stage, not after you have opened the doors for business. This How To Write A Business Plan Guide will help you minimize mistakes and prepare you for a successful launch of your business.

how to write a business plan guide

For ONLY a small investment of $19.95, this Guide is ideal for the serious individual or entrepreneur who truly desires to create a comprehensive Business Plan that will launch their business or for the business owner that wants to create a business plan for bringing their business to the next level of growth and profitability.

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Using the step-by-step How To Write A Business Plan Guide will make your dream a reality by providing a process for creating several variations of a business plan with each variation used for a specific purpose and for a specific audience. The planning models will quickly get you started with launching your business or expanding your operations as well as prioritizing your operating strategies. There are many formats and products for creating a business plan, hopefully this one will serve you well. If you decide to use a Business Plan software package, this "paper" format will help you organize your ideas first and get you started on all the research and info-gathering activities that will be necessary to complete your business plan.

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How To Write A Business Plan Guide

This How To Write A Business Plan Guide provides several important modules that effectively support and facilitate the business plan writing process.

  • One Page Executive Summary - Format: This is a concise description of your business and why it will be successful. Although it is called a "One Page Executive Summary", it will more often be two to three pages in length. This is a document that can be used in many networking environments to pique interest and serve as the basis for a discussion regarding funding or seeking other resources. Interested parties will request additional information that can be provided by using the Simplified Model or the Comprehensive Guide for a business plan as described in the following paragraphs.

  • Simplified Model for a Business Plan: This is a quick way to create a brief business plan and/or an internal operations guide. Done properly, it could serve as a basis for discussion with a private investor and as an operating guide for managing the business.

  • Guide for Writing a Comprehensive Business Plan: The "Savvy Strategies" Guide for Creating a Comprehensive Business Plan was developed based upon many years of the author's business consulting experience. This section of the Business Plan Guide is the one you will most likely use for your business plan. By following the instructions in this guide, you will be provided with a simple, time saving, step-by-step process for creating a business plan to help you start a new business, possibly secure funding for a new or existing business, or to serve as a strategic plan for managing your business more profitably.

  • Creating a Cash Flow Statement: No Business Plan is complete unless it contains a well thought out Cash Flow Statement based on realistic assumptions. Included here are generic examples of two (2) Cash Flow Statements, one example shows a statement for starting a business with owner investments and the other shows starting a business with a loan. These statements are downloadable in an Excel format to use in your business plan.

  • Marketing Research Sources - Table: This table itemizes a number of sources for doing the necessary market research that will help validate the business opportunity for your product or service. Many of these sources are no-cost.

  • Funding Options - Table: This table provides some suggestions for funding sources that will supplement your personal assets. Additionally, Google searches for your local area will reveal many local and state-wide opportunities for revolving loan funds, grants, and other sources. The time spent researching these finance programs can make an important difference for launching your business. Oftentimes, these organizations can provide additional technology resources and consulting services.

  • Summary Chart - Business Entity Types: This chart is intended to be a general overview of some of the positive and negative aspects of the various types of business entities. Also included is another chart entitled What Form Of Business Organization and is an expanded version of the Business Entity Types chart.

  • The 13 Worst Business Start-Up Mistakes: As a business consultant who has worked with hundreds of small businesses, I have encountered a myriad of common business start-up mistakes made by aspiring entrepreneurs. Some of these mistakes cause great difficulty for the business owner and minimize profitability while other mistakes may even cause the business to fail. Prevention is the best cure. Being aware of potential pitfalls will help an entrepreneur avoid them, or at least be able to plan for them in advance. Also included is a summary Table of the highlights from this article.

  • Helpful Tips For Writing The Business Plan: Completing your Business Plan can be a long and arduous process, especially if it is your first attempt at writing a Business Plan. Many entrepreneurs and business owners get stuck because they generally dislike the writing process, they believe the process is too time consuming, or they know what they want to say, but just can't seem to translate the ideas to paper. This section of the Guide describes some strategies to overcome these obstacles.

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The How To Write A Business Plan Guide comes with a No-Questions-Asked, No-Hassle, ONE MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you honestly feel that if after using this Guide to help create your Business Plan it hasn't provided you with good business information, hasn't helped you create a better Business Plan, hasn't made you more knowledgeable from a business perspective, and hasn't saved you time or money, then email me anytime within 30 days of the purchase date and I will refund the full amount you paid (Note: This guarantee applies ONLY to serious entrepreneurs who truly desire to start a business or business owners who need to write a business plan and NOT to consultants, students, educators or curiosity seekers). Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Good luck with your business plan and with your business!

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