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This Checklist provides the "Road Map" that will help you start your Small Business - Quickly! Easily! Cost Effectively!

Introduction: Starting a small business is an exciting endeavor and is typically accompanied by very high expectations. However, it is usually undertaken with a lot of anxiety and trepidation as well. According to some sources, approximately 4 out of 5 businesses fail within the first three years of operation, and then an additional 4 out of 5 of the remaining businesses fail during the next few years of operation. How does an entrepreneur triumph over these seemingly overwhelming odds and avoid being included in these gruesome statistics?

Keys to Success: There are, I believe, several keys to success. The first is the desire, belief, and expectancy that you can make your business successful. This generally requires an intense commitment and many hours of hard work which often involves forfeiting the pleasures of family events, hobbies, sports, TV, etc. Hopefully this sacrifice will be short lived as your business becomes more successful. The second key to success is to become educated regarding the process of starting a small business. This includes understanding your marketplace, financial management techniques, and operational strategies as well as a myriad of laws, tax consequences, and business structures.

Do it Right! The Start-up A Small Business Checklist is a self-assessment tool with over 400 action items to consider that will educate you regarding most of the key elements required to ensure the successful launch of your business. The evaluation process contained in the workbook is simple, yet thorough, and can point you in the right direction if conducted in a careful, thoughtful manner. For ONLY a small investment of $19.95, this Checklist is designed for the serious individual who truly desires to start a new business the right way - - Quickly and Easily!

Value: While many of the topics and action items discussed herein can be applied in most any type of business, all of them do not apply in all business environments. Some may be appropriate in a retail environment, others apply to a manufacturing business, and some of them apply only in very specific business situations. Some topics and action items are free, many have minimal cost, and others may require a substantial investment. Some require only an attitudinal change while others may require an investment in acquiring additional knowledge. However, all of these topics merit your consideration as you begin to develop a strategy for launching your new venture.

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Helpful Hint: The assessment process is quite thorough and does require an investment of time. However, the results far exceed the initial investment of energy and effort. It is important to emphasize that it is not necessary to complete the assessment in one sitting, in one day, in one week or even in one month. You can't "do it all" at one time. You may want to consider a methodical process whereby you conduct the assessment using a different module each day or each week. Remember, this checklist is a reference manual that can be utilized time and time again on an as needed basis on your personal timetable.

How to Use: Each module has a simple, two-part process. The first part of the assessment process entitled ASSESSMENT is to take an inventory of all the attributes and actions necessary for success. This can be done quickly and easily and will rapidly identify areas that will require you to seek additional information or to conduct more research. In all areas where you feel you are lacking information or business expertise, seek out the counsel of Attorneys, Bankers, Certified Public Accountants, or consultants with specific expertise. Several government agencies in your local area may also offer free information or counseling services. This process will no doubt consume a fair amount of time and generate much discussion between yourself and knowledgeable individuals. Take the time necessary to fully explore the knowledge that exists within this group of experts. This is a time to establish some relationships that may be helpful if you "hit a few bumps in the road". The second part entitled IMPLEMENTATION is your personal management tool for prioritizing, managing, and tracking the business start-up process.

Warning! Before you invest all your savings, tap your retirement account, forego the allocation of money into a college fund for your children, take money from your home equity line of credit, sell your investment portfolio, give up a vacation home, or quit your job, please carefully and honestly consider all of the topics of discussion in this checklist. Most individuals who have started a business have never completed a self-assessment process as comprehensive as this one, which is probably one of the key reasons for the high failure rate of new businesses. You owe it to yourself to complete this assessment process. Make an investment in yourself by purchasing this document, and then, more importantly, conduct the assessment! You will be glad you did!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed - 100% Risk Free: Still not sure this Checklist will help you start a new business? Well, I want you to feel completely comfortable before you order. Therefore, I would encourage you to continue exploring my website where you will find more information regarding Jaguar Consulting, Inc., our services, testimonials, additional profit-building Business Checklists, White Papers, and other reassuring information.

Since I know from personal experience that the information contained in this Checklist is so valuable, I will personally guarantee your satisfaction!

The Start-up A Small Business Checklist comes with a No-Questions-Asked, No-Hassle, ONE MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you honestly feel that if after using this Checklist to help you start your business that it hasn't helped improve your knowledge, and hasn't saved you time or money, then just return the Checklist (and all copies) by mail anytime within the next 30 days and we will refund the $19.95 you paid. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Quantity Discounts: Volume pricing at substantially reduced discounts off the retail price based on print quantities is available if you anticipate frequent usage of the checklists, or are part on an organization such as a bank or economic development agency that provides goods or services to start-up businesses and would like to use the checklist as a marketing/business development tool. Additionally, the opportunity to "brand" the Start-up A Small Business Checklist with your company's cover page, letter of introduction, and your logo is available.






A. Personal considerations.
23 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
B. Business conditions.
16 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
C. Professional Considerations.
8 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
D. Chances for success.
14 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
E. Family considerations.
6 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
F. Personal Financial considerations.
13 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
G. Type of business.
12 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
H. Return on investment.
5 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
I. Cash requirements.
21 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
J. Location.
20 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
K. Buying an existing business.
25 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
L. Sharing ownership.
5 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
M. Purchasing and inventory.
15 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
N. Pricing your products and services.
7 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
O. Methods for selling.
14 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
P. Selecting and training personnel.
13 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
Q. Other management decisions.
10 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
R. Record keeping.
7 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
S. Laws and regulations.
7 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
T. Tax and insurance requirements.
8 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
U. Keeping up to date.
4 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
V. Leaving the corporation behind.
12 Topics to be discussed and evaluated
W. Protecting your company's most valuable asset - yourself.
28 Topics to be discussed and evaluated

42 Key steps

24 Key steps

30 Key steps

19 Key steps

VI. The 13 Worst Start-up Mistakes.

VII. Bio - Jim O'Donnell

VIII. Services - Jaguar Consulting, Inc.

IX. Other Checklists Available

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