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This Checklist provides the "Road Map" that will help you improve your company’s benefit programs - Quickly! Easily! Cost Effectively!

Introduction: Motivating employees, and keeping them motivated is one of the most difficult, and most rewarding, activities of a senior manager. Even in the most difficult of economic times, we know that employees have choices regarding the company, and the culture, in which they would prefer to work. This checklist is designed to be a self-assessment management tool for conducting an evaluation of your company's employee benefits and employee motivational strategies. The evaluation process contained on the following pages is simple, yet thorough, and will offer direction for improvement if conducted in a careful, thoughtful manner. For ONLY a small investment of $14.95, this self-assessment tool is designed for the serious management team that truly wants to evolve their business to the next level of growth and profitability via the strategy of employee satisfaction.

Important Benefits: This Checklist is an easy-to-use, comprehensive workbook that will help you and/or your Managers improve your company's profitability - - Quickly and Easily! The Employee Benefits Self-Assessment Checklist features the following benefits:

  • 479 different tactics, strategies, and action items to be considered and evaluated - all designed to improve your company's PROFITABILITY!

  • Fifteen (15) different profit-producing and employee motivation categories ranging from Employee Benefits to Team Building!

  • A step-by-step process to evaluate all aspects of your Company's employee benefit portfolio!

  • A practical, down-to-earth, road map that can be easily utilized by an owner or corporate executive or delegated to a manager or key employee!

  • A low-cost investment of ONLY $14.95 with a high-yield ROI!

  • Developed by an experienced Business Consultant who has worked with hundreds of small businesses.

  • Developed over a two year period working with Business Owners who tested the Checklist and provided valuable development suggestions.

  • Saves you valuable time because it will help you quickly identify a full range of employee benefits and motivational strategies.

  • Saves you lots of $$$$$$$ because it costs far less than one hour of a Consultant's billable time.

  • Saves you lots of $$$$$$$ because you don't have to develop an evaluation process - it already exists. And, it works!

  • Can be used as an employee developent tool - give this checklist to a key employee or manager to perform the assessment for you.

  • Focused primarily on helping YOU become a better Owner/Manager.

  • Organizes all of the most important information for improving your company's employee benefits package in one convenient workbook.

  • Includes a section entitled Ethical Considerations - - a critical topic for today!

  • Includes a chapter on Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Asset - YOU the Business Owner or Senior Executive!

  • Gives you "Peace of Mind" by knowing that you made an intelligent, informed decision to utilize an effective, efficient process that will improve your Employee Benefits Program this year!

  • And, much, much more!

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Who Is This For?
This Checklist is designed for the serious business owner or senior manager who truly desires to evolve their company to the next level of growth and profitability. While many of the 479 benefits and strategies described herein can be applied in most any type of business, all of them do not apply in all business environments. Some are for small businesses, some are for large businesses, and some of them may apply only in very specific situations. Some benefits and strategies are free, many have minimal cost, and others may require a substantial investment. Some require only an attitudinal change while others may require a change in a process or a procedure. However, all of these topics merit your consideration as you begin to develop a strategy for creating a better working environment and a unique culture for your employees.

Two-for-One: Each of the 15 modules has a simple, but thorough, two-part process. The first part of the assessment process entitled BENEFITS allows you the ability to take an inventory of all the benefits and motivational tools your company presently offers. This can be done quickly and easily and will rapidly isolate any problem areas as well as identify opportunities for quickly improving your culture. This process will no doubt generate much discussion among the senior management team. The second part entitled IMPLEMENTATION is a management process for prioritizing and managing the implementation of any benefit or strategy as well as identifying the strategies that will make the biggest impact on your culture.

Competitive Advantage: As it is with your company, most other companies are looking for opportunities to hire (or steal) the most talented personnel. A portfolio of excellent employee benefits combined with outstanding motivational strategies can both attract and retain top quality talent. If you don't take pre-emptive action to improve your company culture on a regular basis, your employees may seek employment elsewhere. Revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction will then suffer. However, implementing one, two or more improvements based on this self-assessment process could possibly result in 10X, 20X or 100X return on both the time and money you have invested in this process. Make an investment in your business, your company, or your department by purchasing this checklist, and then conduct the assessment! Your employees will be glad you did. And, when the results show on your bottom line, you will be glad you did also.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed - 100% Risk Free: Still not sure this Checklist will help you and your Company? Well, I want you to feel completely comfortable before you order. Therefore, I would encourage you to continue exploring my website where you will find more information regarding Jaguar Consulting, Inc., our services, testimonials, additional profit-building Business Checklists, White Papers, and other reassuring information.

Since I know from personal experience that the information contained in this Checklist is so valuable, I will personally guarantee your satisfaction!

The Employee Benefits Self-Assessment Checklist comes with a No-Questions-Asked, No-Hassle, ONE MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you honestly feel that if after applying this Checklist to your business it hasn't helped improve your Company's image with your employees, and hasn't saved you time or money, then just return the Checklist PDF (and all copies) by email anytime within the next 30 days and we will refund the $14.95 you paid. This guarantee applies to business owners and managers ONLY (It does not apply to consultants, students, educators or curiosity seekers. Satisfaction Guaranteed!  

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I. Health Benefits.
65 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

II. Financial Benefits.
68 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

III. Career Benefits.
46 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

IV. Child Care Benefits.
16 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

V. Elder Care Benefits.
10 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

VI. Personal and Family Benefits.
27 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

VII. Convenience Benefits.
27 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

VIII. Community Service Benefits.
30 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

IX. Awards.
23 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

X. Company Celebrations.
36 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

XI. Team Building.
37 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

XII. Cultural Environment.
11 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

XIII. Company Trips.
17 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

XIV. Protecting Your Company's Most Valuable Asset - Yourself.
29 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

XV. Ethical Considerations.
37 Benefits and Strategies to be evaluated

XVI. Bio - Jim O'Donnell.

XVII. Business Development Services - Jaguar Management Consulting, Inc.

XVIII. Other Business Checklists Currently Available.

XVIX. Crevand, Inc's Online Marketing Services


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