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The Business Anniversary and Celebrations checklist provides business owners and corporate managers with a number of interesting and unique ideas to help their business plan and promote a successful and fun anniversary event or celebration. We are confident that one of these ideas will be perfect for your company’s anniversary celebration. Or perhaps one of these ideas will stimulate a variation of an idea, or a combination of several of them, that will create energy and excitement for your clients and employees?

Business anniversaries and business celebrations create a unique opportunity to promote your business to your customers, prospects, vendors, local government agencies and officials, and the general public. Done tastefully, the company can create goodwill for many years to come. It is also an opportunity to help make your employees proud of their company. Competitively, it can be an advantage for a one-year period as it is not likely any of your competitors will be celebrating an important anniversary within this same time period.

Checklist for Business Anniversary Celebrations

This well-organized checklist has hundreds of ideas to help your business enjoy its important milestones and celebrate its employees and customers. It has many helpful marketing ideas and fun activities for all types of businesses within any niche market, including restaurants, retail stores, and children themed stores. The Checklist has the following benefits for your business:

  • With 393 ideas, the checklist will help your business enjoy its important milestones and celebrate both its employees and customers.
  • A comprehensive workbook and guide that organizes all of the most important business anniversary and celebrations ideas in one convenient, easy-to-use document
  • Saves you many valuable hours by not having to research hundreds of websites and publications for good ideas.
  • A low-cost investment of ONLY $19.95 with instant PDF download after Credit Card verification.
  • Provides a range of thought-provoking ideas to help make your business anniversary a unique expression of your business ideals and mission.
  • The celebration ideas presented in this checklist are easily adaptable for just about any type of business - - fun for employees, customers, and families.
  • Developed by an experienced Business Consultant who has worked with hundreds of small businesses.
  • Developed over a three-year period working with business owners who tested the Checklist and provided valuable development suggestions.
  • Can be used as an employee development tool - give this checklist to a key employee or manager to organize the celebration activities for you.

Plan and Promote your Business Anniversary Event with this Checklist

Every anniversary that your business celebrates is an opportunity to create higher visibility for your company’s product and services. Whether you’re celebrating your first or twenty-fifth anniversary, this is a unique time to expand your marketing and PR campaigns to let your prospects, clients, employees, suppliers and community influencers know of your company’s success.

Celebrating milestones gets your company noticed, demonstrates your success, and is a great opportunity to say thank you to your customers, employees and the community-at-large. Because a business anniversary celebration is the perfect platform for attracting attention, it is important to strategize and carefully plan for how to maximize your company’s identity and its unique position in the marketplace.

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Celebrate your Business Anniversary with this Checklist

Your celebration can be more than just the average little party with balloons and a small mention in the local newspaper, it can be a marketing event which generates a lot of recognition for your business for many years to come.

While many of the ideas and strategies described within the business anniversary checklist can be for most types of businesses, all of them do not apply in every business.  Some ideas are for small businesses, some are for large businesses, and a few of them may apply only in very specific situations. Some ideas and strategies are free, many have minimal cost, and others may require a little larger investment. However, all of these topics deserve your consideration as you begin to develop the promotional and implementation strategies that will make the biggest impact on your anniversary event or celebration.

Have fun!

Since I know from personal experience that the information contained in this Checklist is so valuable, I will personally guarantee your satisfaction!

The Business Anniversary and Celebrations Checklist comes with a No-Questions-Asked, No-Hassle, ONE MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you honestly feel that if after using this Checklist to help with your celebration that it didn’t provide you with one or more good ideas, then just contact us by email anytime within 30 days from the date of purchase and we will refund the $19.95 you paid. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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I. Helpful Hints for Getting Started with Your Celebration

II. Retail Store Anniversary and Celebration Ideas

118 Ideas to be considered.

III. Restaurant Anniversary and Celebration Ideas:

106 Ideas to be considered.

IV. Children's Retail Store Anniversary and Celebration Ideas:

103 Ideas to be considered.

V. Misc. Anniversary and Celebration Ideas for All Types of Businesses:

66 Ideas to be considered.

VI. Traditional Anniversary Themes:

VII. Bio - Jim O'Donnell

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IX. Other Checklists Available

X. Crevand, Inc's Online Marketing Services

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