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This Checklist provides the "Road Map" that will help you develop your Business Plan - Quickly! Easily! Cost Effectively!

Writing a business plan, loan proposal, or Private Placement Offering Memorandum can be a very time consuming and extremely difficult task. However, using a model that has proven successful will focus you on the important critical steps to decrease the time it takes to finish your business plan. The BUSINESS PLAN PACKAGE will point you in the right direction, keep you focused, and will make it much easier for you to write the business plan yourself.

This helpful, comprehensive, and easy to understand package consists of instructions for creating an effective business plan as well as information on business entity types, financing options, and an overview of the worst start-up mistakes. The following four key modules are included:

  • The Business Planning Process: An overview that provides a brief description of the purpose of a business plan, itemizes both the internal and external benefits of a business plan, provides suggestions as to how long the plan should be, and offers some helpful tips for getting started with writing the business plan.

  • Business Plan Outline: Provides a brief outline for a typical business plan.

  • Description - Business Plan Outline: Provides an overview of the essential information that must be included in each of the headings and sub-headings that are itemized in the Business Plan Outline.

  • Expanded Business Plan Outline and Key Questions: This is the "heart and soul" of the business plan. This module provides an extensive list of key questions and action items that must be answered and completed in order to develop a comprehensive business plan. These questions are organized in a format that is consistent with each heading and sub-heading in the Business Plan Outline.

Download a FREE PDF version of the Business Plan Package here to get you started writing your business plan. If you need additional help with writing your business plan, or if you want an experienced consultant to review your final draft before submitting the plan for financing, please contact me at for a quote. Good luck with your business plan and with your business!

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